Annabelle Mayntz and Pip Cozens are ART at WORK, an international art inititative, encouraging people of all ages, but especially children and teenagers to stand up FOR something. Their projects for the environment and human rights make complex topics more comprehensible with the help of art and creative approaches.

ART at WORK raises sustainable awareness through action art in public spaces, interactive installations, workshops and instruments of cultural education. They encourage change and proactive solutions.

Since 2004 I’ve been a part of ART at WORK the art inititative and I’m also one of the founding members of the non-profit association ART at WORK e.V..
Annabelle, Pip and I are working for a better planet and a sustainable quality of life, with various different workshops and actions. I document this important and meaningful work by taking photos and capturing the fun and wonder on the faces of the participants on video.

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